2FA Configuration

2FA will be required to log in

From November 22nd 2021 it will no longer be possible to log in without 2FA set up. So make sure to set it up before then, if you need access. If it is not set up you will be locked out of the site!

If you have been locked out of the site and need to regain access, please refer to the If you run in to any issues section on this page.

Suggested 2FA apps

If you do not have a 2FA app on your smartphone, here are some suggestions:

Primary suggestion:

Secondary suggestions

If you run in to any issues

In the case you run into any issues, try to ask someone more with a bit of technical knowledge.

In case you have tried that, try to contact Thorben Lüpkes through slack or at tl@boligportal.dk.

If nothing works and you can’t gain access.
Please send a support ticket to kontakt@hoeks.dk. Describe your issue and preferably state your phone number in the email.

Please try to solve the issue by asking a technical colleague first, as support from Høks is on an hourly fee.